Four strategies to book fewer meetings — or at least make them bearable.

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Your team is exhausted with video chat. It was fun at first, bearable a few weeks in, now they’re burnt out and over it. Less and less turn on their video, and they’ll stay on mute if they can help it. When you ask, “Any questions?” …

Four verb guidelines that are useful to know and useful to violate

Your sentence hinges on your verb: Sentences are meant to do something with language. You tell a story, give advice, and explain concepts with verbs. Sure, nouns add color, but you can have a sentence without a noun. You can’t have a sentence without a verb.

You’re probably not giving…

Fourteen minutes of negative news increases anxiety and sadness

Listening to the news is exhausting us. Watching only 14 minutes of negative news increased anxiety, sadness, and the tendency to catastrophic a personal worry, according to a 2011 study by Psychologists Wendy M. Johnston and Graham C. L. Davey. And you’re definitely watching more than 14 minutes.

A 2017…

Here are dozens of ways to escape without leaving home

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In quarantine, vacation days seem like a relic from another era. If you’ll only be journeying from one end of your apartment to the other, why bother? Especially if you had to cancel an actual vacation — your big family camping trip, or that beach getaway with your best friends…

Pros, cons, and why you should probably write on both

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I started writing on Medium with no know-how in January 2020. I committed: I woke up every day at 6 a.m. before work, made an excessively large coffee, and wrote until 7:30 a.m. Sometimes I’d write after work, and I’d always make time on the weekends. …

A complete example of how to apply this productivity technique to writing

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When you write, you admit to having something to say. And you admit it’s worthy of someone’s time.

Because of this, when you sit down to put words on a page and end up with nothing, it’s not because of lacking capability or knowledge. It’s because of insecurity, or fear…

I hate you, but you taught me a lot

Sometimes I think I’m a badass bitch, and then I get a paper-cut. I’m quickly reminded otherwise.

But really — how frustrating are these monsters. They show up uninvited and refuse to bugger off for days — weeks! — ruining my daily chores.

I mean, sure, I shouldn’t haggle the…

Working from home is challenging for those accustomed to office work. If you were lucky enough to work for employers who set aside “team-bonding” budgets, now you might miss your team events. Zoom is great, but compared to an escape room… apples and oranges. Not a fair comparison. …

And here’s how it can help you, too.

I’m skeptical of anyone who promises a one-way ticket to happiness, but only after I purchase their “wellness kit”, their personal coaching, or their ebook for $9.99. This is different. This is innately human. And this is free.

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This is my first time growing vegetables; I have no green thumb…

If you were looking for opportunity on a silver platter, this is it. And this is how.

Would you take a look at that— the world’s a-flames, and you have time on your hands. If you were looking for opportunity on a silver platter, this is it. Your moment is now.

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Shit hit the fan, it really did. Some of us are unemployed, others range from mildly…

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